Deanna Williamson, Sock Nerd, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Nerd, 2016

Sock Creature purists may think that Sock Nerd is not a true sock creature because his body is made of a pot holder. However since the pot holder was made out of loops cut from actual socks, Sock Nerd would, in fact, be a true sock creature.

Furthermore, although some nit pickers may object to Sock Nerd being referred to as a sock creature instead of a sock person, in my opinion nerds are actually creatures. (from outer space.) My opinion is, of course, based on close encounters with arch nerds (single-minded experts in a particular field) including some software developers.

It is perfectly obvious, however, that Sock Alien is definitely an alien, (note the antennae) although not necessarily a nerd.

Deanna Williamson, Sock Alien, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Alien, 2016



Deanna Williamson, Milo, sock person, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Milo, sock person, 2016

In a previous post I introduced my new interest in creating sock creatures. Since I was recycling old socks for some of my creatures I started tie dying the the white ones to add color and originality. I also used bleach on old black socks to get some interesting effects.  Milo was made out of some hand dyed socks as were the dress and hair of the doll below.

Deanna Williamson, Sock Doll, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Doll, 2016

Below are a recently tie dyed / tie bleached batch of socks. It will be interesting to see what can be made from them.

Deanna Williamson, tie-dyed socks,
Deanna Williamson, tie-dyed socks


Deanna Williamson, Celebrity Sock Kitty, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Celebrity Sock Kitty, 2016

A few years ago I found a book kit at Books-A-Million called Stupid Sock Creatures.  I loved the idea of creating oddball sock dolls and immediately began saving up old socks and gloves and buying new ones at salvage stores. However, I didn’t have time to actually make anything with those socks until a couple of years ago when I retired.

I spent the first few months of my retirement in a kind of limbo trying to decide what to do next. During that time I got out the stash of socks  – and some gloves – and started cutting and stitching them into imaginary creatures. I cut and stitched for hours on end while binge watching through an entire television series. The TV series was forgettable but some fun critters emerged from the sock/glove collection.  Like the Hello Kitty© sock above and the imaginary creature below.

Deanna Williamson, Sock Creature, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Creature, 2016