Crumpled Paper painted like the example in the book, 6" x 6"
Crumpled Paper painted like the example in the book, 6″ x 6″

The painting above is my 43rd painting exercise from the book Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings by Mark Daniel Nelson.  This lesson is about rendering multiple planes – objects that have many surfaces pointing in different directions and getting different amounts of light.  A ball of paper is a good thing to practice on but it doesn’t make a very pretty painting.

So for further practice, I made an origami crane and posed it on a pink background to get more color into the picture.  Origami is excellent for practicing value drawing (pencil shading) as well as painting.

Deanna Williamson, Peace Crane, 6" x 6", acrylic on canvas
Deanna Williamson, Peace Crane, 6″ x 6″, acrylic on canvas

What I wanted to paint was an origami unicorn. I have one that my son made but it’s a bit out of shape from years of handling and it would be really hard to fold a replacement.  Anyone remember the little unicorns that the cop made in Blade Runner from gum wrappers? Below is my slightly worse for wear but treasured unicorn.

Origami Unicorn, photo
Origami Unicorn, photo

Actually, after looking at this on the screen, I’m thinking that rendering a foil surface would be a nice variation for this project. Maybe later.