Deanna Williamson, Maddy's Minnie in the Box, 8" x 6", pencil drawing, 5-21-16
Deanna Williamson, Maddy’s Minnie in the Box, 8″ x 6″, pencil drawing, 5-21-16

Recently, while visiting family out of town, I decided to take a break from painting and do some detailed pencil drawing. I was inspired by several objects lying around the house that would lend themselves to some interesting value studies – aka chiaroscuro. The Minnie in the Box was the first one. I worked under a sky light with a Paper Mate® mechanical pencil which has a nice soft lead.

Deanna Williamson, Maddy's Boot, 8" x 6", pencil on paper, 5-23-16
Deanna Williamson, Maddy’s Boot, 8″ x 6″, pencil on paper, 5-23-16

This is actually a child’s boot but I made the toe a bit too sharp so it may just look like a lady’s boot with a really wide top.

Deanna Williamson, Picture Frame with Maddy, 8"x 6", pencil drawing, 5-23-16
Deanna Williamson, Picture Frame with Maddy, 8″x 6″, pencil drawing, 5-23-16

I was fascinated with the curves and hollows on this picture frame but decided there were too many of them to do the whole thing – hence the interesting composition. ☺