Deanna Williamson, Sock Nerd, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Nerd, 2016

Sock Creature purists may think that Sock Nerd is not a true sock creature because his body is made of a pot holder. However since the pot holder was made out of loops cut from actual socks, Sock Nerd would, in fact, be a true sock creature.

Furthermore, although some nit pickers may object to Sock Nerd being referred to as a sock creature instead of a sock person, in my opinion nerds are actually creatures. (from outer space.) My opinion is, of course, based on close encounters with arch nerds (single-minded experts in a particular field) including some software developers.

It is perfectly obvious, however, that Sock Alien is definitely an alien, (note the antennae) although not necessarily a nerd.

Deanna Williamson, Sock Alien, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Alien, 2016