Deanna Williamson, Art Journal Page 14, pen and pencil,
Deanna Williamson, Art Journal Page 14, pen and pencil

The art journal pages I’ve posted so far have been mostly about collage/mixed media. Sometimes that’s impractical, like during faculty meetings.  The one above was done during a week of in-service training and includes notes from the various speakers. The top left speech bubble was obviously made during a meeting with the school’s security staff.

Below is another work related page.  It probably grew organically but the caption idea came after a budget cut announcement. No need to have worried though. I made it to retirement.

Deanna Williamson, Art Journal Page 10, mixed media,
Deanna Williamson, Art Journal Page 10, mixed media



  1. Hi! Im an architecture student from Chile working in a project for a competition and i wanted to ask you permission to use one of your paintings as a reference for the project! The painting is this one Also, if you could share an image of the painting with a better resolution ill be very helpful!
    We want to express a place for self introspection, i can send you the details when we are done if you are interested!

    1. Mr. Tagle, you are welcome to use my image but you should know it is not original. If you read the text below the image you will see that it was an exercise from a book that I was reviewing on my blog. Also I don’t think I can get you a better resolution image because I gave that painting away. Sorry, and best wishes on your project.
      D. Williamson

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