Deanna Williamson, Celebrity Sock Kitty, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Celebrity Sock Kitty, 2016

A few years ago I found a book kit at Books-A-Million called Stupid Sock Creatures.  I loved the idea of creating oddball sock dolls and immediately began saving up old socks and gloves and buying new ones at salvage stores. However, I didn’t have time to actually make anything with those socks until a couple of years ago when I retired.

I spent the first few months of my retirement in a kind of limbo trying to decide what to do next. During that time I got out the stash of socks  – and some gloves – and started cutting and stitching them into imaginary creatures. I cut and stitched for hours on end while binge watching through an entire television series. The TV series was forgettable but some fun critters emerged from the sock/glove collection.  Like the Hello Kitty© sock above and the imaginary creature below.

Deanna Williamson, Sock Creature, 2016,
Deanna Williamson, Sock Creature, 2016


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